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Summary of Question:My Parents Converted, I Dont Know What To Do
Date Posted:Wednesday, 5/02/2001 9:35 PM MDT

Sat sri akal ji,

I am faced with a dilemma that i can only pray to get through. My family is originally sikh, and we are from the jatt sikh caste. Well many years ago my father had a drinking problem, he ust to hit my mom too. He had some friends that convinced him to go to church.....many years ago, he converted and now he is a christian, as so did my mom. My whole other family is sikh still, and even though i did doubt myself, i have now found my true religious roots, and am devoted to becoming the best sikh i can. ( I did believe in Jesus for awhile) Ok well my dad doesnt drink or do any horrible things anymore, and he is very strong in his faith. My mother still has doubts because she has recieved alot of condeming from her family. I do not know what to do? I believe in Sikhism, yet christianity has changed my dads life. I dont want to forget where i came from. I need to know what should a person do? Should I be trying to tell my dad to come back even though he is happy? Should I be believing in the things he says that hi
s god is the only one? Im soo confused, I dont know what to do...I feeel as is im hopelessly trapped. I want to be at peace, please help me.


This is really about your own relationship to your own consciousness. You sound agitated. When water is muddy, it cannot be clear. Settle down, still your emotions and let the mud settle to the bottom so you can see clearly. It is a very personal thing. It is not what your dad or mother is doing. It is what you are doing. There is no "right" way or "wrong" way. No one has an inside track to God. You have a relationship with your Guru or you do not. It is that simple. Between a Sikh and his Guru is just a matter of time. If you have a realtionship with your Guru - then you are a Sikh. Nurture that relationship and nourish your soul. You can quiet your mind by reciting Sukhmani Sahib daily. Do it out loud and listen to the sound of your own voice.



Religion, spiritual belief and spiritual practice are not something we inherit from our parents. Each person has their own connection with their soul. What is important is to consciously make that connection. Guru Nanak talked of the hypocrisy of those who said their's was the only way. The Guru teaches us to not only remember God, but to realize that the God (Divine nature) is within us. The beauty of the Guru is it gives us the technology to have that experience. By reciting the words of the Shabad Guru and taking them into our heart and mind is how the peace will come. When we feel peace inside, we will be able to bring peace of our homes and environments as well. Bless your Dad for having faith, but pursue your own.


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My Parents Converted, I Dont Know What To Do (05/02/2001)
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