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Summary of Question:Animals !!!
Date Posted:Tuesday, 6/02/2009 8:51 PM MDT

hi dear ones

I am going through a very rough phase of my life , however my DOG is died today and i dont know how to live without him i am feeling very very sad, i really don't have any idea how to deal with this time....

Please Help me i am feeling like Alone in this whole world today and not able to understand what has happened to me...

I am very very depressed !!!!!!

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Each animal that comes into our care helps us to pay our karmas, through that they are very blessed. A soul came to you to be with you, to hear Gurbani and to be blessed by you. Your sorrow is normal. That soul did all it came here to do. Say a prayer for it! Waheguru.


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Animals !!! (06/02/2009)
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