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Summary of Question:Persistent Sensation/Energy On Forehead
Date Posted:Monday, 6/29/2009 10:47 AM MDT

I have been dealing with this tingling, dull pressure on my forehead, just slightly above my eyebrows – probably at the third-eye area.

I noticed it one day several weeks ago and it has persisted since. It is not allergies, cold, flu; no medical issue. When I pray, even if I try to focus on my third eye for a split second, the pressure gets strong. I cannot focus on my third eye ever. I usually try to focus on my nose, (something lower).

I do not understand why I have this slight pressure (not pain), tingling sensation, almost like a tiny suction cup has been placed at the spot. It gets stronger when I think about God, the Gurus, listen to path, or try to focus on God. However, it is always there and never leaves. In this several week period, this sensation has only left me once for less than 1 hour and then it returned again. It was a relief when it was gone b/c my forehead could relax.

How can I control this? It is not painful but yet it leaves my forehead tight and a bit drained. (the way you feel after reading too much) Even as I write this, the sensation is getting stronger. What am I supposed to do with this energy? What is going on? Just thinking about it makes the field stronger.

I have tried to do some internet research but could find any answers. Non-sikh sources confirm this as related to your third-eye spot and a special gift.

I need to know what is going on? Is it a good thing in Sikhism? Is it somewhat normal?

Sat nam. The sensation in your forehead has nothing to do with Sikhi and is likely/hopefully a gift. I would for the sake of 'ruling it out' get a physical check-up and tell a doctor your trust about this.
For more information, I would refer you to a yoga website or an experienced yoga teacher or spiritual teacher who can assist you in working with this energy safely /so as not to cause damage.
Additionally, I recommend you make sure you wear a turban. Details on how to do that are found elsewhere on Sikhnet. You need to make sure your head is covered properly and that energy into your crown is filtered. I know you are female, so I also recommend you make sure your hair is on top of your crown or a little to the back, and NOT to the front of your crown (where men have solar centers). Women's solar centers are not at the front.
Guru ang sang,

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Persistent Sensation/Energy On Forehead (06/29/2009)
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