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Summary of Question:Feeling Low
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Thursday, 2/15/2001 5:55 AM MST

hello dear sikhnet

i am thinking that i am not a normal person. you see it goes like this . i don't have many friends and feel lonely. i don't go out much like a normal teenager. i tend to be very quiet and shy. i am most of the time at home. i have no social circle. i didn't go to school camps. i get fooled and disturbed by people very often. please help me as soon as posibble. your youth forum is great and helps people. keep it up.
sat sri akal
Greetings and blessings to you in the Name of God and Guru.

You may not be normal. This is OK! You sound like a very sensitive and introspective person. Feeling different does not need to be a problem. Artists and inventors, musicians, scientists, spiritual people all have great sensitivity that distinguishes them from ordinary people. If you read the biographies of these people, you will be surprised to find how alone and different these people felt too. They were very special and different!

God has created this creation with countless varieties of people. There are also countless varieties of experience. In a few years you may be transformed and find yourself sought after and busy all the time. Life is an evolving and changing experience.

You can be less concerned about what other people say and do. Find the things you like to read. Find the activities, sports, studies you like and do them.

Start your day by meditating on your connection with God. Feel yourself blessed. Feel the blessing of your having been created and by being a part of God. See the light of truth in you and live in this light. You are the center of your life, so develop the joy of your experience. The others will come and go and come and go.

I would suggest that you go to http://www.sikhnet.com/s/gurugranthsahib and read the English translation of Jap Ji Sahib out loud. The first part of Jap Ji is called the Muhl Mantra. Recite this for 31 minutes a day for the next 40 days. You can do this while walking even. It will create a base and foundation for your life that is solid. From here you can enjoy your daily life experience.

"Ek ong kar
Sat Nam, karta purakh, nirbhau, nirvair, akaal murath ajooni, saibhang
Gurprasaad Jaap,
Aad sach jugaad sach haibhee sach naanak hosee bhee sach."

God bless you.

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Feeling Low (02/15/2001)
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