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Summary of Question:Why Are Parents So Strict On Their Kids' Social Lives?
Date Posted:Thursday, 2/22/2001 8:54 AM MST

What I want to know is why parents are so strict with their kids' social lives,, especially girls. I mean I'm a 16 year old female, and i also have a younger brother who's 13. He's allowed to go anywhere do anything and I can't even go over my friends' houses without getting yelled at. I mean it's not that I go out every single day just once in a while. And it's not late at night that they have to worry. I think in our culture parents just don't give girls equal rights as they do with boys. Am I right?

Dear one. I think your parents care a great deal about you. I beleive that you and your parents need to find a more productive way of talking. Their concern is for your expeience of not messing yourself up with the loose values of others in unknown social situations. Have you given them confidence in you as a woman of caliber and consciousness? Your choices will tell them what they need to know.

Perhaps a good choice would be to create a space to speak together and share thoughts. Create a time and space when you feel cozy and loving as a family when you can confide in your Mom, or both Mom & Dad. Let them speak about their fear of you socializing with other girls at their homes. Perhaps you will hear something important about their understanding. You must also be honest about whom you are visiting and what you are doing there. BOTH OF YOU MUST SPEAK, BUT BOTH OF YOU MUST LISTEN and consider what is being shared. Focus on creating a solution that you both can agree upon.
God bless you.

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Why Are Parents So Strict On Their Kids' Social Lives? (02/22/2001)
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