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Summary of Question:Lustful Sleep
Date Posted:Monday, 12/29/2008 5:32 AM MST

i am a young sikh male aged 15 who does full nitnem bani everyday and wakes up ay around 6.30 every morning. I've planned to take amrit at my local gurdwara sahib this coming vaisakhi however there is a problem. i personally don't like the idea of masturbation for many reasons, i guess i find it unclean and pure so my ideas won't change. (hopefully not to offend anyone). but this means i have a wet dream very often and i hate it. This is putting me off taking amrit becuase i'lll feel 'impure'. My mind is clean throughout the day BUT at night the dream could have been lustful so my attention isn't on akaal purukh but my own satisfaction. Becuase i am not amritdhari i wear kachera but at night wear layers of pants to prevent my kachera from getting dirty. i then wash them. i have ishnaan everyday too and joiin with sadh sangat at rainsbhais etc. regularly. This is such a put off from me becoming khalsa. please help me. is it wrong to have dirty kachera?

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Nothing that occurs naturally is wrong or bad. Do not trouble yourself with guilts or doubts. Purity lies within your own heart. Just love God and see God in all.

Gur Fateh!


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Lustful Sleep (12/29/2008)
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