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Summary of Question:Sex In Western Society
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Friday, 12/22/2000 2:40 PM MST

I am confused about the meaning of and how to practice sex within the sikh religion.Many of my friends have asked what information in the Guru Granth Sahib and other literature is available. In western society especially in media is portrayed as something very passionate. How is sex spiritual?How should it be practiced?I know this subject is very controversial but its one the issues young people are confused about. Thanks for your help, god bless.


Sex is everything and sex is nothing. Sex is just an intimate part of the love between a husband and a wife. Our culture is obsessed with sex. Today, sexual intercourse is the orientation of relationships. This is because people's self-sensory system is not developed. When one develops the self-sensory system through the Guru's bani, then ecstasy and satisfaction come through everything, not just sex. It is time for the taboos associated with sex to end. It is time for sex and sensuality to stop being the main attractions in life. It is time to understand what our Gurus have taught us - that we must be open, straight and simple. Man and woman must reach out to each other with dignity, devotion, innocence and a lofty sense of self so that we can experience and enjoy each others beauty and the beauty of God.


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Sex In Western Society (12/22/2000)
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