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Summary of Question:God,S Care
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Saturday, 5/28/2011 12:41 PM MDT

do the girls whom god love and finds deserving get timely married?i m 27 and unmarried feel very sad about parents didn't try to get me married timely..god didn't not inspire i bad and undeserving?


Dear sweet Kaur ji,

Do not think like this. You are young you are wonderful God is great and everyone is getting married much older these days.

More time is needed to choose carefully and wisely. Find the qualities in yourself that you like. Develop your interests and joys in life. Discuss with your parents and ask them about the qualities in a spouse that they think are the most important. Start your meditation with Wahe Guru and recite the prayer:
Soporkh Niranjan Har Purakh nirinjan har agamaa agam apaara........It is is Rehiras. You can recite it 11 times every day to embellish your life.

Wear a smile and find gratitude in your life for your gifts and blessings. All the best things will come to you if your just 'wait' and stop your negative mind from babbling ....reciting Guru's Bani.

God bless you, SK

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God,S Care (05/28/2011)
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