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Summary of Question:Final A-Level Exam
Date Posted:Thursday, 3/19/2009 2:27 PM MDT

Sat Sri Akal,

I am currently doing my A2's...My A2 final exams are about to come and I am extremley worried.....I am revising very hard and God has always helped me in my difficult phase and guided me through every aspect of my life.I am A/B grade student However, A level exams are realli big nd hard I am really nervous now and hwile revising and trusting my self to study I also wish to medidate more upon god to be confident enogh and have faith in miself to ace al my exams with good grades. Usually I do japji saib ka path nearly everi dai, or chaupaee saib..smmtymz kirtan sohila , rehraas saib and occasionally sukhmani saib. However, is there any shabad that can help me wiv i have been searching for a good job in months but can find any due to this economic state..I need to sort out my life financially and educationnaly. pls help
If you want to sharpen your mind and your ability to excell, the....write properly and
recite Jaap Sahib daily....out loud with full concentration!!!!! SK

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Final A-Level Exam (03/19/2009)
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