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Summary of Question:Spirits/After Death
Date Posted:Thursday, 2/15/2001 9:44 PM MST


Seeing alot of questions on this forum about death, i was just wondering if sikhism believs in angels, and if there's any souls that protect over you.?

I've been kind of confused about what happens after people pass away, and I've been thinking about spirits alot.. Can ghosts haunt you, and can certain spirits come back to bother you or your family?

I heard a rumour from someone else in my family that there was a Muslim spirit after my famliy, because of something that happend in India with my father's brothers, when they were really young. Alot of bad things have been happening to our whole family, and i'm kind of starting to get scared. Alot of people in our family are getting more religious too, like the teenagers, and my grandma is constantly doing simrin and paat, so i don't understand why this is happening.

There was also a recent death in my family, and I was wondering if this has anything to do with all these weird feelings everyone has been getting.. For some reason bad things keep happening, and no one has really been thinking about it like i have. Is there anything we can do, or anything people can do to keep bad spirits away?

One of my cousins told me that he doesn't pray because he was afraid that it brings that same BAD spirit back to our family, but I dis-agreed with this. I think he's just scared of our family being broken up or something worse happening, because we already lost someone very dear to us..

And even some of the kids have been getting bad luck, even the younger ones which are innocent.. Is there anything we could do, I can't even read punjabi but we have all of the english translations of bani and all the different paat's..

i know this is a really difficult question 2 talk about but if u could help it'd be appriciated alot - thanks
Greetings to you in the Name of God and Guru.

Yes, there is some mention of angels in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. They are helping angels of God....deva, devi, etc. There is no root in the Guru for bad spirits or the devil. This is a Christian or Muslim concept. Christians believe that they are born in sin and must redeem themselves from their intrinsic evil selves.

We believe that we are born as perfect creations of the Creator. We are a part of God. We are given 8.4 million lifetimes to evolve in spirit and recognize and use our connection with the Infinite Creator. The human birth is the time to live in God consiousness. Our thoughts and our actions draw us closer to the God within or take us away from this. The only way to clear karma is to chant Gurbani, read from the Guru, meditate, do simran, sing, serve.

Those people who are obsessed with doubt and fear in their minds are blocking the free flowing power of their Godself. The Guru is the channel to clear our minds and bring light and peace to our life by connecting our minds with our soul.

Have you heard the line from Gurbani; "the Guru is the ship to carry us over this difficult ocean of life"? Life is challenging! It is how we deal with the challenges (you call difficulties, or bad luck) that gives us our fortune. Have you heard from Gurbani "win your own mind, and you will win the world"? So, it is recognized that we are not fighting so much the 'bad fortune' outside, but the weakness of the mind that wants to blame someone or see only bad things around us.

I have 2 suggestions for you. One is to recite the last four lines of Guru Gobind Singh's Jaap Sahib whenever you feel the fear. It will free you from dark thoughts and obsessive thoughts. I will give it to you here. The second is to get the tape of these last four lines and play it at home softly in the background....on an automatic reverse tape player....all the time. You can get it from: [email protected](Kulwant Singh's version).

"Chatara chakara varatee
"chatara chakara bhugatey".
"Sooyungbhav subang serabadaa seraba jugatay."
"Dukaalang pranaasee
dayaalang saroopay".
"Sadaa ang sangay...
"Abhangang bibootay".

You are pervading all the four quarters.
You are the enjoyer in all the four quarters.
You are selfillumined and united with all.
Destoyer of bad times, embodiment of mercy.
You are ever within us.
You are the everlasting Giver of indestructable power.

God bless you, SKKK

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