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Summary of Question:Our Primal Goal
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Monday, 3/26/2001 11:17 AM MDT

Whahae Guruji Ka Khalsa Whaha Guruji Ki Fateh
In Guru Granth Sahib ji it says ? Bhi prapat manukh dihoria, Gobing Melan ki eah tehri Bri?. What I am trying to say is that my understanding so far of a life is , to free one?s soul from rebirth, that?s our aim right. Sometimes I think so much of ourselves as being souls, and that we shouldn?t get attached to material things, but it is so difficult to believe that this life is like a dream, that the things around us are meaningless, and all that counts is to please GOD. I am totally confused. How do you avoid materialistic living while living around them. Please give some light on this subject, it is the least talked subject on the forum. And what is the difference between the soul and the mind?
So confused, please give your opinion , I also have trouble keeping up with my Nitnem, I stop reciting after so many days, it?s as if I don?t see a point to it. It's like my mind id out of control.But I really want to become a better person and change and want to be a better sikh.

Please help!

Another question, should a silkh not wash their hair on a Thursday?

I look forward to yoiur reply?

Things around us are not meaningless. They are full of meaning. Mostly we do not see the meaning. Our senses and desires pull our mind outwards to the world. You must learn to meditate, and then practice every day so that you can take your consciousness inwards as easily as it is drawn outwards. The magnet of the senses is strong. By meditating, you can learn the inward magnet and draw your awareness deeper and deeper. Do your Nitnem out loud and not too fast. Speak rhythmically and tune in to the Naad, the sound current, of the Shabd. Listen attentively to the sound of your own voice. If you can meditate at a place where there is a strong vibration, such as Harimandir Sahib, or any Gurdwara, it is even easier to become absorbed in the Shabd. Teach your mind to obey you. Your mind is a bad master and a very good servant, but you must train it. Your soul is not your mind. Your soul is your own Infinite identity. You must discover it yourself.

You can wash your hairs on any day you wish.


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Our Primal Goal (03/26/2001)
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