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Summary of Question:Where Are Kirpans Made???
Date Posted:Tuesday, 2/06/2001 12:47 PM MST

Sat Sri Akal Ji

I was just wondering, where can i find someone who makes Kirpans or other
weapons in india or anywhere else, also that they would make the design you
want, one more thing, how can i get them passed security legally in an airport,

Sat Sri Akal
India: Clock Tower Bazaar at the Golden Temple in Amritsar
1) Dawn
2) Mementos
3) MP enterprises
you must ask for the damascus steel blades...and haggle for the best price
Best way to get your kirpan through customs is to pack it in your suitcase...usually they will not bother you.
custom made from: ([email protected]) 800-442-8162

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Where Are Kirpans Made??? (02/06/2001)
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