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Summary of Question:Test Of Faith
Date Posted:Friday, 4/03/2009 3:33 AM MDT

saat sri akaal firstl may i congratulate you for this forum ,as you are very knoledgeable.

i was recently growing my kesh and wanted to do amritshuck on vasakhi,but my wife asked me to cut my hair,and tidy my self up or she would leave me.
i have done what she asked but it feels as if my heart has been wripped out and i feel so lonely inside.
i have told my wife i will try to do amrit before i die ,but who knows when you will die ,only god , and i hope he gives me the chance to fullfill my dream.i still do my daily paths which keep me going, and bring me closer to god and warms me up inside.
is this a test of god as was done by guru gobind singh ji or is it a satin pulling me away from god.
bolay sonihal satsriakaal
Dear one, you are already dead. Your wife was foolish to threaten you, and you were even more foolish to listen to her. She is not your guide she is not your Guru she is not your guide.

Be a strong man of God man follow your inspiration to take Amrit on Baisakhi this next week. If she does not like it that is not your problem. A woman must support her man and she is lucky to have a man of God consciousness as her husband. If this causes her to leave you then better she leaves now than after a miserable long life together. But I do not think she will leave you. You need to be strong as a Khalsa man. Women want their man to be strong and stand up to them, SK

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Test Of Faith (04/03/2009)
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