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Summary of Question:About Masterbation
Date Posted:Sunday, 4/15/2001 4:18 AM MDT

Sat Sri Akal

My question sort or relates to masterbation, i have read on your site that it is not advisable to masterbate, and we should ignore the feeling to masterbate.

my problem is, i can give it up, but if i dont masterbate for say a 2 weeks i usaully find that i have wet dreams, and i dont really like this, so decide i to masterbate during the day so that when i wake up in the morning i havent stained my clothes or the bed sheets. is there any way of preventing these wet dreams? cos they really put me in a difficult position, in the mornings.

A quick reply would be appreciated.
1. Exercise heavily daily till you are drenched with, jogging, MARTIAL ARTS, Karate, kung fu etc.

2. Avoid visual stimulation

3. practice Sat Kriya in celebate pose as described in "search" masturbation....guilt....4/2001

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About Masterbation (04/15/2001)
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