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Summary of Question:Sikh Names
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Wednesday, 3/17/1999 12:55 AM MDT

When I was a baby, I was given the name Rosie. This was given to me when I was 3 days old. I have never had a real punjabi name. It was always Rosie. Later on, I was given the name Japjeet. But that was unnoficial because it was never on my birth record. I want to know if I could change my name. Is that allowed in the Sikh Religon? I don't want the name Rosie anymore. I don't think it's proper to not have a sikh name. Please try your best to answer my question. I'd like to have an answer as soon as possible.

Rosie Saluja

Japjeet Kaur Ji - Depending on where you live (US? UK? India?) it may be possible for you to get a legal name change. I did it here in the USA and it was very easy. You pay a small fee, they list the name change in the local newspaper for a week or so, and then the local probate court issues an official document of change of name. Thy will change your birth certificate, driver's license, etc. Where do you live?


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