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Summary of Question:Why?!!!!!!1
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Wednesday, 4/27/2011 1:46 PM MDT

I'm a teenage girl, and my friend is a dastaar wearing girl who is obsessively part of akj. Akj means akhand kirtani jatha and the people of this jatha are incredibly orthodox and strict. My friend thinks that Keski is a kakkar?!! and that raag mala which is the ending of sggs is not bani! what right does she have to change this.

furthermore, she told me that wearing earrings are against sikhism and the rehat maryada. whereas i've never heard that before. my friend is dating another akj guy who plays tabla at their huge all night programs and yet she finds fault in ME. She tell me to wear a dastaar- but I know that it is not rihgt for a girl to wear a dastaar. dastaars are for men, if woman were supposed to wear them, then they would. I am amridhari and my panj told me not to tie a keski.

How do I convince my friend to stop believing what she does? She never hangs out anymore with me cause she is always at kirtan programs and she's always hanging out with her friends. Even though i've taken amrit, i'm still working on doing all my bania..... but when she's comes over my house to sleepover she gets up early and does nitnem. I like to sleep in but she makes it impossible!!!1

what do I do??!!!
You should relax. If she you do not like her influence then do not be her friend. Or you could go to the kirtans with her and recite bani's together. Just go to sleep more early.
Woman do wear turbans. It is a technology of elevating your awareness.
God bless you, SK

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