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Summary of Question:Dasam Granth
Date Posted:Sunday, 4/04/1999 12:33 AM MDT

the issue of Dasam Granth is a contreversial one.

what i know of Dasam Granth is that it was compiled by Bhai Mani Singh after the insistence of Mata Sundri. She also supervised him while compiling it. some of the writings in Dasam Granth are hindu myths which Guru Jee got translated, but i understand that it was intended to inspire the Khalsa army to fight for Sikhi.
the writings were also used to educate the people about things. also, not only is Guru's Bani included in the Dasam Granth, but the poetry of his poets is also in there.
is this correct?
please do let me know more about Dasam Granth.


You are right. This IS a very controversial subject. Therefore, leaving the controversies aside, let us concentrate on what we all agree on.

SGPC - who have the responsibility of publishing authenticated scriptures, publishes the "Das Granthi". This contains ONLY the following Baani, which is considered to be from the "Mukhwak" of Sahib Guru Gobind Singh Ji:

Shabad Patshahi 10
Akal Ustat
Bachitr Natak
Chandi Chritr
Chandi Di Var
Gian Prabodh


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