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Summary of Question:Is Okay To Tell Little Lies In Daily Life (Eg Fibs)?
Date Posted:Thursday, 3/18/1999 3:44 PM MDT

In your daily life, is it okay to tell lies for little things like

if someone calls for your parents and they are not home and u say they are sleeping or if someone asks you where ur parents work and u say i don't know?

i always tell the truth but i sometimes don't lie but i say other truths to avoid lying. eg one Giani Ji at a Gudwara had a bad bad habit of asking too
many personal questions such as where does ur mom work, i replyed the city,
he than asked the name of the employer and i said a company, then he had the
nerve so oh so she is a dishwasher.

is that wrong?


A lie is a lie. And it is wrong. Guru Granth Sahib teaches us not to lie.

If you are asked a question to which you rather not give an answer, just say so - politely.

The bigger issue is: Are there circumstances where lying can actually do some good? For example, should a person lie to save another's life? Where do we draw the line? There is no easy answer.

But in general, a truthful living gives us one less thing to worry about. One never has to remember what was said to whom and tell series of lies to cover previous lies.

The worst problem with lying is that if you get found out, and the truth will always surface sooner or later, you will never be trusted again by the person you lied to.


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Is Okay To Tell Little Lies In Daily Life (Eg Fibs)? (03/18/1999)
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