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Summary of Question:Hypocrisy In Sikhism
Date Posted:Friday, 3/19/1999 11:03 AM MDT

I have a problem in understanding the caste system. One of the main differentiations between Hinduism and Sikhism is that the caste system was abolished by Guru Nanak. I see everybody as a Sikh, not a Jat, Chamar etc. Yet our parents want us to marry into the 'same' caste. They argue that it stems back to India, and it is more of a cultural issue, which i understand. But the dilemma is this. If a white person converts into a Sikh, and i know a few who have, which caste do they fall into? Do they not want to get married to a Sikh girl? Which Indian father will give his daughter to a 'white' Sikh without being questioned by his community. My argument is that people who are not born into Sikhism but convert later on (i.e. Blacks, whites, orientals), are more committed to the religion on a purer level. They are true Sikhs. But i am sure that there is a degree of segregation between the white sikhs and the normal indian ones. That is wrong because we are 'Sikh' and the issue of caste and colour is what se

gregates. Please feel free to summarize my question and even split it into two i.e. caste and segregation of white sikhs.


You are absolutely correct in stating that SOME Sikhs practice what you say they do. BUT IT DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT.

From Guru Nanak, to Guru Gobind Singh Ji, and also enshrined in our present and forever Guru, are instructions to us to TREAT ALL MANKIND as the children of One and ONLY God. That being so, we are ALL His children, and therefore equal to each other.

Using of last names for identification purposes etc. is one thing, but to use that to separate one Sikh from another is totally against our Faith.

It is hoped that our next generation, such as yourself, will follow the teachings of Guru Granth Sahib, with greater conviction.

We cannot make any general statements as to who does what. But the above certainly applies to SOME of us.

I agree with you about the dedication of the so called "converts". They CHOSE the religion of their choice after due consideration, THEREFORE they are devoted to the religion at a more spiritual level. Others like us who were born into Sikh families, perhaps haven't taken the time to study and understand our religion. We all need to. We need to study our scriptures, understand these AND FOLLOW in our daily living. We cannot derive full benefit of doing Paath every day if we do not follow what the Baani teaches us.



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