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Summary of Question:Eating "Halal" Meat
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Tuesday, 3/23/1999 12:26 AM MDT

I know that Sikhs are prohibited from eating meat. However, does it make a difference if we eat "halal" (slaughtered the islamic way) meat compared to the normal manner animals are slaughtered. I ask this because there are many Sikhs in Predominantly Muslim nations where only "halal" meat is available.


YES, Sikhs are fobidden to eat "halal" meat.

Apart from this religious edict, if a kind hearted person has ever seen the Islamic ritual for the killing, he/she would never be able to touch meat again.

I know several people of the Moslem faith. NONE of them would eat meat in a Sikh house, because they know that the meat served would not be 'halal'. If they can follow their beliefs so strongly, why are WE so weak?

It is NOT necessary to eat meat to get all the nutrients that the body needs. There are MILLIONS of vegetarians who lead healthy and long lives.

All the best.



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Eating "Halal" Meat (03/23/1999)
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