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Summary of Question:Hypochondriac
Date Posted:Friday, 5/20/2011 3:59 PM MDT


hello i have been noticing as i get older as i read more about health, since i am in medical field right now becoming a doctor, i have noticed i start panicking about diseases that i know arent going to happen to me, but what if they. I think if i read something i am going to get it. Like if i read about Lung Cancer, i think the whole day i am going to get Lung Cancer, I need something, telling me that this is not true. And i have been getting a lot of panick attacks about them.


Please if there is a shabad or anything that will decrease panick attacks or decrease my thinking that i have hypochondiracism. Please guide.

You have an overactive mind. Clean up your act.......cut out the sugar and caffeine....breath more deeply and more slowly.....when your mind starts to plague you...then...hold your breath and time it to be held for one minute.....hold it again for a this 3 times......Then in your life, you must do some healthful walking, and recite Mool Mantra as you walk for 30minutes. Make this meditation a daily activity in your life. You must rebuild your base with this Root Mantra of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib and Guru Nanak Dev ji.


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Hypochondriac (05/20/2011)
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