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Dealing with Questions and Issues of Sikh Youth

Women And Dasam Dawar (11/09/2001)
Re: Jus Wanted To Say A Bit Bout Castes (11/09/2001)
Wah Yantee Mantra (12/05/2001)
I Can't Wake Up!!!!! (12/11/2001)
Intercessory Prayer & Waheguru's Will. (12/18/2001)
Intercessory Prayer & The Will Of Waheguru (12/18/2001)
Why 11 Mins Of Simran? (12/22/2001)
Picturing God; God As He, Not She? (12/29/2001)
Why Do I Cry When I Pray? (01/29/2002)
Losing Faith - Restoring Faith (02/06/2002)
Meaning Of The Sentance From Sggs? (02/11/2002)
How Can We Go Back In Time ? (03/27/2002)
Mantras, And Their Effects, Which One To Recite All Day? (04/10/2002)
Short Attention Span (04/18/2002)
Confused.. (05/18/2002)
Drinking And Smoking. And Meat :( (05/28/2002)
Dirty (06/09/2002)
Does It Matter How Long U Mediatate? (07/04/2002)
How Do I Medetate (07/12/2002)
Simran (07/16/2002)
Lack Of Meditation=Guilt Of Past (07/23/2002)
Doing Path (07/24/2002)
About Jumraj And Bad Thingh Happend In Past (07/26/2002)
Pressure In And Out Of Meditation (07/29/2002)
Connecting To Our Waheguru (08/14/2002)
Simran Focus? (08/20/2002)
What Is The 'Word Of The Shabad' (09/03/2002)
Pain (09/07/2002)
Should I Join This? (09/16/2002)
Amritvela (09/21/2002)

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