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Summary of Question:What'' The Reason Behind Seeing Sikh Guys As Somewhat " Different "..
Date Posted:Thursday, 4/05/2001 8:32 PM MDT

SSA jee...well i have one question which i also don't know what makes me to ask it...umm...i was baptised 2-3 years ago and i came into Sikh religion..before that i didn't used to keep my was due to the blessings of that almighty GOD that came back t Sikh Faith...but one thing which i found out was very disheartening to note..seriously..i am really discouraged to know this thing which i didn't realized when i didn't sported any hair..

the question is that..Why the girls have different attitude towards the guys who keep hair, and sport a turban as well as a beard..that's the most ridiclous question i think i have ever asked anyone from..but it buugs me day and night..why are Sikh guys( with turban) seen off with different eyes..

please reply me..i am waiting for your reply..and please don't say that not everyone is like this..i have been to many countries and what i noted i had was shocking experiences.....

well waiting for ur reply....

Blessings to you. You are different. You are living with a real spiritual identity that is more important than anything else. You are seen as not "easy pushovers" for female manipulation. Beleive me, this is a good thing.

Let me tell you the story of one Hindu girl. She wrote in saying that Sikh boys are really attractive. A Sikh family had moved into the house next to hers. She saw the son of her Sikh neighbors and described how neatly he dressed and how handsome he looked with his turban and tie.

She said that they became friends and loved each other very much. Then one day she asked him to kiss her. She said that ordinarily a boyfriend would do anything he and his girlfriend wanted to do. After all, "today, who cares about religion? If you love me you listen to me."

Well, the Sikh boy said he would not kiss her. He said that he could not have sex with anyone(outside of marriage). He explained that, while their relationship might end, he could never leave his faith. This Hindu girl wrote to us to share how impressed she was with the greatness of his 'character'. That Sikh men were born to respect and protect women.

A king or a prince has a regal bearing and identity to maintain that sets them apart from others. This is what we are. Live in it and enjoy the regal honorable gifts that come your wayy.

God bless you, SKKK

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What'' The Reason Behind Seeing Sikh Guys As Somewhat " Different ".. (04/05/2001)
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