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Summary of Question:Wil I Very Find Love Of My Life?
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Sunday, 2/25/2001 11:07 PM MST

sat siri akal

i have avery weired problem
i am a girl and i am quite good looking
i am searching for the true love of my life that is th eguy who loves me a lot
most of the guys they date with me and just go away
most of my friends are actually going around very seriously with their boyfriends
and most of them are engaged
one of my friend is getting married next month to the man she loves
and i am still searching for the love
i feel ver lonely when we all friends go out for lunch and dinner
they talk about their love and stuff like that and i sit there like a stupid
i want to marry a person who loves me and whom i love
but i haven't found my love yet
i donn't want to marry the person my parents select for me
i want to marry the person i love and who loves me
will i ever be able to find such a person
boys just want to go around with me for fun coz they say i am very attractive and they fell nice going out and dating with me

thank you
Greetings to you in the NAme of God the light of every soul and in the Name of Guru the life of every Sikh.

Dating by its nature is not a serious or effective means of finding a life partner. The fact that you have a lot of fine qualities, would make it hard for a casual date to really honor you and do you justice. You can be grateful that it has not been easy to pair up with anyone. Quality and calibre are something worth waiting for. Where and how you meet your spouse is in the hands of God...whether through family or friend or internet. Do not be to set in your expectations and be relaxed and open to see what God places before you. The goodwill of your parents is an asset which should not be ignored. Emotional love is a temporary experience very well portrayed in the media. True love is something based on calibre and committment and time and devotion.

For not worry! "Meeting and separation is the will of God" "Sanjog vijog doe kar chalaveh.... Now is a good time to really develop yourself. Pursue what interests, singing, yoga, dance....meditation,bike riding, swimming, tennis, horsebackriding, join a United Nations group, learn pottery or painting. Develop yourself and enjoy your single life. Be happy as you are.

Married life will definitely come... and then will come children....and then? Treasure what you have now. Focus on your positives, This is excellant training to make the best of now and be ready for what God has to give to you

I know that the deep internal longing of the soul to be united with it's source is something very special and marriage can be a part of that. Since God is capable to handle your life and affairs, it would be good for you to find a devotional activity to fill yourself with.

You can recite this Shabd 11x a day for the next 90 days. It will overcome lonliness and unite your with your true partner.
"Mangala Saaj bahi-aa, Prabh apanaa gai-e-aa Raam" Pg. 598 in Amrit Kirtan and Pg 845 in Siri Guru Granth Sahib.

Bilawal: 5th Guru:

Magala saaj bha-i-aa, Prabh anpanaa gaa-e-aa Raam.
Abinaasee var sunee-aa
Man upaje-aa chaa-e-aa Raam.

Man preet laagei vadai bhaa-gai
Kab milee-ai pooran patay.

Sehej samaa-e-ai Gobind paa-e-ai
Daho sakhee-ay moheh mateh.

Din rain taadee karo sevaa,
Prabh kavan jugatee paa-e-aa.
Binvant Naanak karo kirpa
Layho mohey larr laa-e-aa

"Decorate yourself with the Lord's own song of Bliss, sing Raam"
The imperishible bridegroom hears tha song born from the heart's ardent devotion.

The love of the soul is to cling to it's exhaulted destiny. Which sometimes reaches it's ultimate fulfillment with the Master.
The state of transendence in Union with God is attained. for this body my friend, is bound by desire and pride.

Those who perform God's service tranquilly, day and night, recieve Him.
Nanak humbly prays, be kind oh God and keep me attached to your robe."

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