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Summary of Question:Marriage
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Tuesday, 1/30/2001 9:15 PM MST

Yes hi,

Im in love with this man whose name is Dayne. Me and him went to Vegas and had gotten married just last weekend. My parents do not know. What should i do? I am a east indian women and he is a hot Fijian man.

Confused and Scared
What is there to do now? You already did it. So, tell your parents and face the music. At least you are married. Be graceful, be kind and understand that if they are hurt and upset that is understandable.

Here goes.....Mom might say..."you are thoughtless, self centered, a sneak, a liar and a slut and not to be trusted". "You have ruined our family". Or, would they say "beti, whomever you love, we will love too". You know what their response will be. Now, that you have must face the effect of your actions. "Every action has a reaction equal and opposite". Sounds like you did not really consider the "public relations" with your family in dealing with your love. Did you?! Life can be a great teacher, especially when the lessons are painful. This is your choice>

From now on, before you speak to them or anyone...say "In the Name of Guru Ram Dass, I bless you, bless you, bless you. (this includes before speaking to your husband too).

God bless you, bless you, blesss you.

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Marriage (01/30/2001)
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