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Summary of Question:Easily Said Than Done
Date Posted:Monday, 4/02/2001 11:37 AM MDT


1. Of the 5 evils, i find kam is the one most to contemplate. It is very hard to get out of the mind. What can one do in your opinion for a male in particular?

2. I hear stories that punjab is not what it used to be, alcohol is freely served, nightclubs are opening, singhs are cutting their hair, aids is a very bad problem over there as is drugs. Is the government to blame for this, whos fault is this, are the sikhs just too blinded in the fact money and luxaries are far too important than religion?

3. Why is getting up in the morning for nitnem such a suffering for us?
1.When you invite one evil sister into your home, they all come to join her. I have no opinion. Guru guides us to live beyond these theives. The trick is to be ready to shut the door of your mind(thinking) before they can sneak in.

2. The only one to blame for your loss of consciousness is God himself. Guru Nanak says in jap Ji Pauri #33..."Aakhan jor, chupai na power to speak or silence to keep....."and it ends saying: "by his own will Oh Nanak, none can be good or bad. "He alone has the power to reveal the way". In the case of lowering morality and values, perhaps those people never had high consciousness.

3. Getting up in the Amrit Vela is a pain to the ego and a joy to the soul. Depends which one you are paying more attention too.

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Good questions, God bless you, SKKK

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Easily Said Than Done (04/02/2001)
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