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Summary of Question:Same Question Asked Once More
Date Posted:Wednesday, 12/06/2000 2:48 AM MST


Khalsa Ji,
This might sound funny,but before asking you the same question I asked once before,I searched your previous questions.Surprisingly,I found just one question,and that too mine!! Well,once again,I have the same question. You see,most of the religions like Islam,Christianity,Judaism and even Hinduism believe in a messenger of GOD coming down at the end of the world,thought they differ in the way he is going to make his appearance.Last time you said that Sikhs have SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB as the last living Guru.I totally agree with this,100%! All I want to know is do our scriptures speak anything about 'someone' coming? Last time your answer was Naam Simran is the way we can save ourselves.Agreed! If possible,please let me know where is it written in the SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB that 'no one' is going to come. The reason I ask again is that my room-mate is a Muslim,and he always says that he is waiting eagerly for the messenger of GOD to come. Also he tells me that as far as his knowledge goes,Sikhs too (like Muslims

,Jews,Christians) are waiting for 'someone'.I was surprised to see a question regarding "the re-appearance of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale in 2004" on your forum.For a moment I was astonished and thought that perhaps we do have such beliefs. Please do try and find me quotes from SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB where we are told clearly about this matter. Also I am well aware that Guru Gobind Singh Ji has mentioned clearly that there is going to be no living Guru. I am talking about a messenger here. Please do answer my question clearly this time and finally erase my doubt. I like to think like them,that there is going to be a 'somebody',but if our scriptures say otherwise,I don't think I should believe what others say.

Thank You


The somebody you are searching for is you! Every Sikh that lives in "chardi kala' is personifying the excellence of our human Gurus that perfected God consciousness in their lives.

Our path does not tell us that we are imperfect sinners created by an angry God as those other religions that you referred to do.

Our Siri Guru Granth Sahib is not a history book or a code book. It is the expressions of God realisations in Gurmukhi.... a sound current that will transfer this same experience of expanded consciousness to the reciter.

You will not find a savior here, you must do your own work and walk on the path of Guru/God consciousness. Stop try to use your limited mind to think think think it out. Rather, meditate and chant God's Name...and let the answer come through your expanded awareness. "Sochai Soch na hova-ii, jai sochee lakh vaar" Jap Ji Sahib. ....under English it out loud with full attention of mind body and spirit for the next 90 days...and give yourself an experience of your own expanded awareness. Stop looking outside... God is within you.

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Same Question Asked Once More (12/06/2000)
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