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Summary of Question:When Do We Do Asa Ki Var And Aarti?
Date Posted:Friday, 4/13/2001 8:18 AM MDT

sat siri akal

my question is:-
when do we do aasa ki var? is it necessary to sing it?can we just read it at home?
when do we do aarti?is it in the morning or evening?is it also to be sung or while doing it at home can we read it instead of singing it?

thanking you
Asa Divar is done in Amrit Vela....3 to 7 am
Arti is done in the evening, sunset time after Rehiras. It is also be done at the completion of an Akhand Path.

They both can be read or sung or played on tape. The choice of experience is yours.

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When Do We Do Asa Ki Var And Aarti? (04/13/2001)
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