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Summary of Question:Need Help And Some Insight....
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Sunday, 3/08/2009 11:31 PM MDT

Sat Sri Akal Ji,

I am a 27 year old, sikh girl. My family makes me doubt my faith and my believes sometime. I don't blame them or anyone but I am really left confused at the end of the day. Actually, my mom goes to this astrologer. He says something about all of us and tells her that this much money will be required to clear the way of obstacles. Though my mom is a very nice woman, I think she has faith in waheguru too coz we do go to gurdwara sahib very often and whenever there is any problem she always says that its ok we need waheguru's blessings to over come this hurdle and bravely faces the situation. But then why does she spends so much money on what all that astrologer says? Earlier, I would just ignore this but now I read my "kundli" that the astrologer made. I was reading things written in it in past and i was shocked to see things that the timing mentioned for me to be careful was the time when i actually was in lot of tension and bad situation. Now also He told my mom that this year is not going to be a good year for my younger brother. He is already in a bad situation (and the astrologer didn't know this yet.. like my mom never talked to him about it). My brother is doing really bad in school, no matter how much he tries. I see him trying hard but then still he ends up in low grades. He is also having bad health and there is no diagnosis for his symptoms, like weird headaches, sudden agitation, etc. When my mom told me that she talked to that astrologer and he said that this year is going to be really crazy for my brother I got really worried; though i told my mom that how can he say that? Only babaji has power to change things in our lives he cannot do anything to prevent the problems that we are entitled to face. But I am myself really tensed about this. I donot want my brother to be in any sort of trouble. I don't know what to do. This is not superstition as My mom has been going to the same astrologer since past 30 years. He is a well known astrologer (not advocating astrology since i don't want to believe in it but the evidence of what all he told me has happened to me, and others in my family- he doesnt tell the exact date and time or situation but just says that you have some issues to address in coming future, or your this year of your life is going to make you crazy and whether i believe it or not it does happen to me!and my family). I have now come to a conclusion that maybe what all he says has some truth-implying that maybe astrology is a science of planet and he might have knowledge about the future that this person has chances of becoming successful or not. But I definitely don't believe that there is anything in this world that he can do to make things better or change what is in our karam. I am deeply worried about health, school and general progress of my brother. Earlier he used to do path but now even if i go and sing to him he gets mad at me. I can clearly see that God is not with him and this is the reason that He doesn't even want to listen to God's name. I do benti chaupai as many times i can in a day for him and others in my family. But can you please guide me here what should i do to bring some peace in his life? Is there any path that i can do for my brother's success and good health and blissful life? Any comments are going to be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks for doing such a wonderful job! What would we do without your guidance. I think God is spreading his word in this world through you guys. I often come on this website and read your answers to other people's problems, I learn a lot from them and try to share the meaning with my friends and family so they are also benefited.

I think it's God's grace on me that i found this website to consult when in trouble :)
Kindly also comment on the astrology confusion.


Satnam dear Beti,

Yes, Astology really does pollute and dilute ones faith. After all Guru JI gave a way to improve life and circumstances. Your Mom is in duality and is not trusting in Wahe Guru or trusting in the power of her prayer. You should steer clear of the astological and do not relate to it at all.

Check into your brothers health situation. Is he taking drugs? If not, then clean up his diet. He might be very sensitive and cannot handle all the sugar, caffeine and wheat in your daily diet. Lots of frsh gren vegies and lots of water can be very calming to the system. Substitute honey for sugar. Remove the coke and black tea.....take green tea....drink 8 glasses of plain water daily. And talk to him about all things. Is he masterbating and feeling very frustrated about this? Take him to a naturopath or a homeopath for consultation.

I would suggest that you and your borther start going to Kundalini Yoga classes together. It will balance your nervous system and bring relaxation and clarity to the mind. Then Guru's wisdom will ring very clear in your mind. Let me know how this goes.

God bless you beti,

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