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Summary of Question:Why Is It So Hard For Sikhs To Accept Me?
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Tuesday, 3/23/1999 10:06 PM MDT

I am not a Punjabi, nor am I related to any Indian. Nevertheless I have learned the teachings of the gurus for several years and a strong love for the Sikh way of life has grown in my heart and soul. I know that it does not matter what other people think of me and my way of life, but I find it so confusing that all the Sikhs that I have met so far, do not accept me. I have been insulted and humiliated because of my skin color which contains two or more races. I have gone through several experiences which justify my claim that Sikhs are racist, no matter how much they claim to follow the guru. Why?


I am sorry to hear about your experience. But a few bad apples do not make the whole crop on the tree as non edible.

I know some one who was born in a Sikh family of Indian origin. Considers himself a Sikh. Practices the teachings of Guru Granth to the extend humanly possible. And yet is sometimes treated differently because he has cut hair. But he is not bothered with what anyone thinks about him because his only concern is his relationship with his Guru - one to one. No one else's opinion really matters.

As you can see, discrimination can be for a variety of reasons. NONE of which make it appropriate.

Especially for Sikhs, whose basic belief is that we are ALL equal and children of the same One and ONLY God. Those amongst us who discriminate against another because of their national origin, race, color, or the level of their commitment, need to study Guru Granth Sahib a lot further. Starting with Jupji where Guru Nanak Devji has repeatedly told us to understand that we are all equal.

But we do need to face reality - however ugly it might be. If you encounter people who practice bigotry - just ignore them.

Perhaps you may wish to consider this approach.



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