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Summary of Question:No. Of Living Forms
Date Posted:Sunday, 1/03/2010 11:02 AM MST

in gurbani it is written that there are 84 lakhs lives. How come the no. of living forms remain same when some are going to extinct, and some new are going to evolve??


Sat Nam,
I believe in Gurbani it is mentioned that we as in our soul goes through 84 million lifetimes (forms)of being first a mineral, then a vegetable then insects, animals etc., before we get a human body. It is just the evolution of any being and consciousness. We don't necessarily go through the entire 84 million lives as a different species. We don't always need to experience of being every singe organism on Earth but I am sure that some of us have been. None of us deserve a human body until we are thoroughly ready for it and have enough consciousness of the wold to be a human being. And there is no way of saying how many life times as humans we have to live even before we get to our true spiritual path. So if you find yourself on a spiritual path it means this incarnation is very well deserved.
I believe we need this information to realize how far we have come and also to value this human experience and use it wisely.


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No. Of Living Forms (01/03/2010)
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