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Summary of Question:What Is The Science Behind Naad And Naam Recitation
Date Posted:Monday, 5/10/2010 2:16 PM MDT


i am continue reader of Sikhism, listing and watching all the resources available on the websites.i always motivate myself every-time to know more and practice the god gifted treasure.
my question is bit tedious one but i am pretty sure that i will get the answer.
i am interested to know the science of naam reciting(like WAHEGURU,SATNAM OR MOOL MANTRA).I read about the 84 meridian point in our mouth palate(soft and hard both)and the impulses produced by the vibrations which hit the hypothalamus,which inform pituitary gland to excrete special hormones
On the other side naval point is working out for the breathing and the broad sense does out body work as an engine.where breath is working as a time belt to control every action(sending impulses,secreting hormones in the blood stream)
it is amazing to know about my inner-self i want a full knowledge about what is actually happening inside our body and what is the best possible way to hit on the right target.i mean to say when i say WAHEGURU.WHAT IS THE CORRECT WAY TO GET IT CORRECT WORKOUT NEARLY 100% FROM MY SIDE.if there is any video you can help me with or any text source on the web that i can follow up that will be appreciated.SATNAM
I have heard of some video. But do not despair. You sound very inspired and let your research be within your own practice. Do it for the next 1,000 days without lapse and keep a journal of your experiences..daily. We are more than just a physical body, so think outside the 'box' of your physical.
About the naval point...when you chant focus on how the recitation can be driven by connecting the naval energy with the tip of the tongue. Pulling the naval in and releasing it is the method. God bless you on your journey of discovery...SK

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What Is The Science Behind Naad And Naam Recitation (05/10/2010)
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