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Summary of Question:Trimming Of Hairs
Date Posted:Monday, 4/09/2001 12:31 AM MDT

we are group of collage going girls in my group we all sikh girls

of 8 of us 4 had their hair trimmed . my question is cant we such arrangement
one's or twice a year we are allowed to trim our hair . Because geting hair trimmed they look pretty nice it also changes our personality.You must have seen sikh models like manpreetbrar,priya gill etc if their hair have not been
trimmed they wont look nice just they are right now.
please reply me in e-mail address.
[email protected]
**********************************************************************************I hope that you are joking. In the eyes of God and Guru, you ARE PERFECT as you have been created. Better to have your uncut hair and your power of grace and committment. The beauty of the plastic beauty queen is very temporary. She has compromised her TRUE GRACE for dollars. But even better, is to have a committment to your rules of life. Your success lies in finding out the purpose of your hair. So, enjoy living a life of wisdom and knowledge and find beauty in that. Uncut hair is very beautiful.

God gave this hair to you as a gift. Cherish it and keep is beautifully and you are beautiful too.

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Trimming Of Hairs (04/09/2001)
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