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Summary of Question:What Should I Do????
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Wednesday, 4/04/2001 4:07 AM MDT

Sat Sari Akal!!!!


I am very confuse about myself I need help please help me!

Actually, I could say that I am a very lucky girl who found a very good fian'cee in my life but the problem always come in me I am actually engaged to a very good person who have no bad record in past and what ever, very mature, very respectful person.

I was a very westernized girl in the past I mean I go to disco and I do drink like most of the girls but I was not involved in any relationship or sex because I was on crush on a guy when I was in school and when I told him he told me that he treat me as a sister and refuse me since then I don't want to love anyone even some guys do tell me that they like me but I always refuse them but this guy is really different for me I mean my fian'cee after I meet him I think the god have create us for each other our name are mostly the same and when we meet even our mobile numbers were same too. I really like him alot and pray for him every day I stop everything drinking, going to disco and I learn to cook after I got engaged to him I even went to India to meet his mother after I got engaged to him I love him alot and he love me alot because he have cry for me for alotof times in front of me. I know it is very hard for a guy to cry in front of a girl.

We did have sex after we get engaged but we did promise we will not do again as we want to enjoy more after our wedding which will be after 2 years. I was sure he is the guy I was going to marry in the future and he was my first one and at that time I stand in the temple and swear in front of the Guru Granth Sahib if I have given myself to him I will only marry him in front of your Guru Granth Sahib not anyone else the god have given everything I wish for I could say that I am really very happy becuase I pray every day through my heart and I seem I got every wish come ture to me.

But, here comes the problem in me I am a very sentative person and I want to stop that whenever my fian'cee don't call me he is busy I will think something which is very crazy I will think that he is with another girl I know I am wrong to do that he got enaged with me and still I say that and once I say even in front of him and he slap me, his unhappiness show me at that time that he is not cheating me anything I don't want to think that anymore whenever I am free I think of that I really want to stop that please tell me a way to do that as I do not want to lose him I really love him alot and I have dream alot of thing with him and just this sentative is killing me every day please please help what shall I do???? I want to stay without this sentative before my marriage and after my marriage please help me!!!

I will be very grateful

Greetings and blessings to you. You have so much love within you but you also have so much fear in you.

I would advise you to recite the Pauri # 33 of Jap Ji Sahib for eleven times every day for the next 2 years. Say it out loud in Gurmukhi and understanbd it's meaning. (you can find the translation at:
The thirty third pauree destroys your ego and brings you your divinity. It will remove your negativity and will neutralize your destructive nature. It prevents harm to others by your hand.

Also, when you find yourself becoming jealous and reactive....take a very deep breath and hold that breath for 60 seconds and slowly exhale. Do this every time you feel yourself becoming emotional or upset.

KEEP UP! God bless you, SKKK

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What Should I Do???? (04/04/2001)
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