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Summary of Question:Nirvana
Date Posted:Tuesday, 4/17/2001 8:44 PM MDT

I wanted to know whether the Gurus believed in Nirvana? When Guru Nanak describes the "ultimate reality" is he describing Nirvana or are the two completely different? Furthermore, I wanted to know whether it was alright for me(as a Sikh) to visit and stay in a Buddhist Temple to learn how to meditate? Finally, how does an individual know whether he or she will break the circle of life and death?


Nirvana is not a belief, it is a state of consciousness. The Gurus actually used that very word, "nirvana" in Guru Granth Sahib to describe this state of consciousness - Turya Consciousness. It is beyond description. You must experience it yourself in order to understand it. Certainly you can learn Buddhist meditation or any other meditation technique and practice it. But understand, that the experience of nirvvana is not a Buddhist experience or concept. It is universal. If you live the Dharma of a Sikh of the Guru, then you will take all the techniques you have learned and you will apply them to your experience and understanding of the Guru's Shabd.


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Nirvana (04/17/2001)
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