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Summary of Question:Kids At School Ask Me, Are You A Teratist?
Date Posted:Saturday, 4/07/2001 6:04 AM MDT

Sometimes at school, students ask me if I am a teratist, spy or not? I don't know what to tell them, so I need you help to answer this type of question?

Thank you
Dear one, are you a Sikh of the Guru? You are a Sikh, this is your identity. Your turban represents your devotion to the One God. Tell them that you belong to a special family or religious group called "Khalsa".

Ask your teacher if you can invite your Parents or Giani or some community minded adult to come to school to give a talk on what "Sikh" practices and beliefs are.

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Kids At School Ask Me, Are You A Teratist? (04/07/2001)
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