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Summary of Question:Amritdhari Girl
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Tuesday, 10/20/2009 2:01 PM MDT

sat sri akal ji,

i am a sikh boy of 19 years...i am a saabat surat sikh i dont drink nor i eat non -veg and i am a non trimmer sikh boy.
i know a girl who is an amritdhari sikh girl and we both love each other a lot and want to marry each other but the main problem is that she is an amritdhari and i am not and i dont want to become an amritdhari because of some reasons.
so please help me that is it neccesary that an amritdhari girl can marry only an amritdhari boy and not anyone else....because we love each other a lot and we cant live widout each other.


Sat Nam,
Taking Amrit is a deeply personal decision. It is best not do it for anyone but yourself, and it is best to do it only when your heart tells you to. It is great to reserve that option for later years of your life and just be completely open to that possibility and not push it or do it out of guilt or duty. Living a healthy spiritual life is really important and it seems that you already do so there is nothing to worry about if you both are willing to accept one another just the way you are.
There will be so many things like that in a marriage where you don't match each other 100% and so be it. It is the most wonderful things to accept each others differences and open the space for each other to grow at your own pace.
The most important things is to build or do things together. You can build your spiritual practice together by reading banis every day and doing your path together,.... or even taking long beautiful walks every morning or evening. What ever it is you decide to do together will be special to you and very sacred. Develop lots and lots of things in common and participate in each others' lives but not necessarily match each other all the time in every way. It can become boring :o).

Good Luck,

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