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Summary of Question:Hormone Problem And Dilemma
Date Posted:Saturday, 7/11/2009 9:12 PM MDT

I have a hormonal imbalance and live with my parents. my father won't let me use a cream given to me to use on my facial hair. I am a 23 year old girl by the way and live with parents. He says that using the creame will remove my hair and it is against sikhi. but my doctor wants me to use it and see how much growth comes back as i am also taking medication for it. He has been calling me vain and a disgrace to guru.

Also, becuase of my hairy face (cheeks, forehead, sideburns, upper lip, chin, neck) I am finding it hard to find a job in my profession because it requires me to meet with clients and attend meetings to represent a company but no one is hiring me because i look so ugly. of course that is discrimination and no one gives that reason but i know that is the reason because people get turned off from seeing me. I am loosing so much confidence because of this.

Both of my parents when they were younger did things against sikhi like cut hair, drink, eat meat. I have not done any of that and to me i just want to live normal life like they used to and then if i find a love for sikhi i can come back to it and an older age.

How can i explain all this to my parents?
My dear, you are an adult and need to follow your medical guidance. This is basic and so important.
Make your decisions based on your maturity as a woman of God. So many woman have this problem.
Stop blaming your parents. Do what you need to do to corrrect the hormonal imbalance and improve yourself so you feel graceful and feminine. Facial hair on a woman is not correct, not working is also a problem.

I suggest you stop looking for parental not discuss the situation further. Get your medical help and correct the facial hair problem. You can take Amrit when all is back to normal and you are ready to complete yourself. Take care of yourself so you can be a radiant and confident daughter of the Guru. SK

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Hormone Problem And Dilemma (07/11/2009)
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