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Summary of Question:Tattoo To Help You Remember?
Date Posted:Tuesday, 1/13/2009 1:16 AM MST

I have read on this website about tattoos and how they are wrong. I have read else where that getting a tattoo as a sikh person is not right, but if it helps you to remember the guru and do kirtan it is ok. I really want to get a tattoo, not so I can impress others with it, but for myself. I find myself slipping away in this western lifestyle and always look to the guru, but i forget sometimes and stray on the wrong path. I wanted to get the words "satnam waheguru" or "ek ongkar symbol" on my upper thigh as a constant reminder to me that i always have the guru. Will the guru turn his back on me for doing this? I know i am not the perfect sikh, but i feel this tattoo will definetely help me remember the guru more. No one else will see the tattoo, just me, and i dont want to get it on an arm or hand because they places are dirty sometimes (ex. when using the washroom), so my thigh feels like a better place, also it will stay hidden. I dont want the guru to turn his back on me.


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The Guru will never turn his back on you. That is your choice. Between a Sikh and his Guru is just a matter of time. Your kara is your reminder that you are his sevadar. That is Guru Ji's gift to us.

Waheguru is the greatest artist of all. Can you improve on Him? Your body is perfect. If God could have made you any more perfect, he would have. There is nothing you can add to that that does anything except take away from the perfection He created.


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