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Summary of Question:About The Finacial Condition
Date Posted:Sunday, 2/06/2011 12:33 PM MST

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

we r in the trouble that our financial condition is being worse day by day. i m a house wife and my husband works as labourer in constraction.i have two sons. i m very worried about their future. my husband is not getting permanent work. he earns very little and we leading a very difficult life. what should i do that our life become better.
I understand that you have a great struggle financially. Take your worry and put your concern into prayer. Recite your nitnem daily and pray to Wahe Guru for new opportunities to open. Support your husband with smiles, and good food and do not complain. Try to find ways to supplement your income. Be creative and even see what things you can do to earn.....such as sewing, cooking for someone who needs help, taking a part time job. SK

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About The Finacial Condition (02/06/2011)
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