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Summary of Question:I Want To Learn Gurbani-Kirtan
Date Posted:Saturday, 4/07/2001 1:18 AM MDT

Wahe guru ji ka Khalsa

Wahe guru ji ki phateh ji
I am 17/m/calif. I recently, two months ago, started learning kirtan from a jatha which was stayin in our gurudwara for some weeks. But now they moved and my lessons are left in between- hangin in nowhere. Anyway, I was/am curious if sikhnet does/can has/have a program to teach kirtan lessons, I can practice. So far i only know how to play harmonuim, i practice on casio/piano whatever. I only know five shabads, mera satgur rakhwala, chatur disa bal kino apna, rakha ekeh hmara swami, kawan sanjog milo prub apne, and kirat prub ki gao meri rasna, I am really want to learn more shabds. But i don't have the format or the s s r r mm stuff/code for the shabads. If you have them or can post them or e-mail them to me plz do, my e-mail is [email protected]
Waheguru ji ka khalsa
Waheguru ji ki phateh
Blessings to you. What a great idea! I do also understand your dilemma. I have been in the same position from time to time.

However, you did say that you know 5 shabds! That is a lot. Practice those five and perfect them. Really immerse yourself and master what you know. Another teacher will come to you. Perhaps, at this time it is good to take advantage of this break to really enjoy and understand fully all that you are singing.

You can begin by starting "Rayaaz". This is voice practice. Sit and sing just "sa" for ten minutes. Immerse yourself into this sound and perfect your "sa". Then, sing all the 6 notes in low octive and normal octive. Then you are ready to begin your Shabd practice.

Enjoy what you know and keep expanding your ability to sing each shabd with more love and more understanding and more beauty!!!!

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I Want To Learn Gurbani-Kirtan (04/07/2001)
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