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Summary of Question:I Have Fallen_ Urgent Help Needed
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Thursday, 5/21/2009 10:53 AM MDT



i am an AMRITDHARI GURSIKH, i follow the Nitnem very seriously, i do early morning sadhana.
Even after all of this i have fallen flat on my face.. recently i unfortunately, fell into the trap of lust.. i did'nt have sex but otherwise,, it was more of foreplay with a friends married sister.. i just got crazy at that moment.. please pray for me & let me know what i need to do for prayshchit..
help me. im desperately in need of ur guidance.


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Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji ki Fateh!

The very first thing you must do is to forgive yourself. Each moment is new. Each moment is now. The past is gone. Why are you living in guilt? You will just go in circles and make yourself nuts.

The simple question is what do you want to do NOW? Your relationship with your Guru is yours alone. It is between you and Guru Ji. You have to understand it. You have to deepen it. You have to experience it.... Now. Otherwise all is fantasy, guilt, projection and rejection. Sympathy and apathy. The only carefree life is the life of complete surrender to Guru Ji. Otherwise, you will find it to be not so carefree... just a fantasy on your part.

Forget about forgiveness and healing. Forget about kurehats past. Let it all go.

Each moment is new. Focus on your relationship with Maharaj Ji. Offer your guilt to Him and consciously lay it at His feet. Tell Him you do not want to live like this and that you are giving it all to Him. Stop living in your mind and start living in your heart. Do seva.

In the Name of the Guru, the Light of every Sikh, and the Holy Nam which holds the world.

humbly, .....G

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