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Summary of Question:Sikhism And Special Needs/Mental Retardation
Date Posted:Friday, 8/01/2008 7:25 AM MDT

I have searched far and wide to find information on this topic, but have come back fruitless. The main focus is being a "good" Sikh, but I'd prefer to say Practicing Sikh. If a child is born mentally retarded, is this seen as a challenge/punishment from God to that child, or is it for the family? For the family it is an obvious test of faith because the age old question of "why me/us?" will be in the air. If the level of disability or mental retardation prevents that person from being a practicing Sikh both visually and inwardly, essentially they are unable to be One with God...then my simple question is, what is in store for them after their passing, will they then be judged alongside those who could have been practicing Sikhism, but simply chose not to, would they repeat their human life, or would they repeat the cycle of Churasi Lakh? And in that case, is their no salvation for a mentally retarded person first time round?

Sat nam. Good question.
Every person has a karmic debt, and the soul of the developmentally disabled person is paying a debt. It is not for that person's family to worry about appearances or the person's ability or not to be Sikh. It IS for that person's family to create a healthy Sikh environment and to include the person in all Sikh activities, because the vibration of the practicing household helps the challenged one. And, make no mistake that the karmic debt applies to the whole family so it's up to everyone else to rise gracefully to the occasion and serve. For all any of us know, the retardation is the last round that person needs to be liberated. Leave this matter up to God and Guru and keep the faith and your practice. We are told in Japji and a lot of other shabds that the Gurmukh liberates his/her lineage as well. That's all you need.
Guru ang sang,

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Sikhism And Special Needs/Mental Retardation (08/01/2008)
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