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Summary of Question:Insaneness From Shaving
Date Posted:Monday, 9/21/2009 12:58 PM MDT

I was reading some Yogi Bhajan one day and I read that shaving your armpits can make you insane. Does that mean everyone who shaves is insane?


Sat Nam,

I think you probably know the answer to this question yourself. No, not everyone who shaves their arm pits will go insane and most likely not many people you know but there maybe a lot of long term problems that can develop in the body as well as psychological problems if people do shave under their arms. The hair under arms ensures proper elimination of toxins through your sweat glands. Toxins can cause all sorts of problems, and I suggest doing more research on it. They can make people depressed and very unhappy as well as make people age before their time .... you think for your self here. I would not doubt that what he says is true even though we may not see the effects of it over night. Sometimes he make a strong point about things to make sure you understand that there maybe a certain danger to your well being if you make wrong choices in life.


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Insaneness From Shaving (09/21/2009)
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