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Summary of Question:Can You Be A Sikh Having Short Hair, Waking Up When You Want And Be Yourself?
Category:General Q's from Non-Sikhs
Date Posted:Tuesday, 6/30/2009 5:32 PM MDT

I am doing Kundalini Yoga and I really love so much that I am going to the yogafestival in France. I can see there is a strong connection with the Sikh Dharma but I could never become a Sikh because I feel like this is a limitation of my personal freedom. Can you be Sikh and wear a turban only during yoga or religious activities? Can you be a Sikh and not having to wake up at 3 or 5 every morning? Can you be a Sikh and have normal short hair? I am sorry but I found very unattractive long hair. Why Sikh religion impose all those limitations. I also do not agree on no sex before marriage and arranged marriages. I know that Indian Sikh and not so open mind and they are full of prejudice like homophobia and condition of women, but the White Western Dharma what position have on all the above aspetcts mentioned above? I am coming from Buddhism where I have been totally free and now I feel I am going back to Christianity with all his sins and guilty and prejudices on sex.

Many Thanks for your help.
Tiaga Singh
The Sikh guidelines are about empowering you in your life to go beyond lust, anger, greed pride attachment. It is a very sophisticated formula for a super human. Go for the experience of what it is to wear a turban. meditate and open yourself up to it. Best to cover your head when you meditateand nothing wrong with wearing a turban. Do what you can and enjoy that.

Be patient with yourself and go slowly. Comparing and analizing is very mental and debilitating.

Have a beautiful time at Yoga Festival. The Sadhana's are amazing! SK

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Can You Be A Sikh Having Short Hair, Waking Up When You Want And Be Yourself? (06/30/2009)
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