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Summary of Question:Pooranmaashi Da Vart
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Wednesday, 12/13/2000 11:12 PM MST

sat sri akal

i would like to know the importance of the pooranmaashi vart
why is it there?
i wanna keep this vart
how i should go about it?
what is the rehat of keeping the vart?
what things i should eat or avoid that day?
how to do the kathaa?
do tell me everything in detail
yhank you


Pooranmaashi Da Vart....This is the fast of the full moon. We are not required to do this practice. Fasting on the full moon is a Hindu custom. We as Sikhs do not observe this ritual.

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Pooranmaashi Da Vart (12/13/2000)
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