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Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Wednesday, 3/28/2001 7:33 PM MDT

hi, i have a question about Sikh beliefs. In our religion it is believed that after death, your soul goes into another body or you obtain salvation. IN a lot of other religions they don't believe in transmigration, and you can't say their all wrong. So does anyone really know what happens after death? Whenever I read Japji Sahib or Sukhmani Sahib, they always talk about transmigration.

it would be appericiated if you answer this question
All Eastern Theologies beleive in the transmigration of the soul. Even the Jewish faith believe in this.

The fact that Christian's do not beleive this does not undermine our belief.

You experience what you believe.

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Question (03/28/2001)
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