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Summary of Question:I Want To Learn
Date Posted:Saturday, 3/03/2001 10:51 AM MST

I'm an 18 year old sikh girl, and very proud to be one too! I love being a sikh, even though I'm not a strict sikh. I do paath sometimes, and I go to the gurudwara, but I feel like I still don't really know what being a sikh means. I mean, I've been living in India for the last 5years, you'd think I'd know more than most people, but the truth is, I feel like I know nothing. I listen to shabads and paath but I don't understand them. I go to the gurudwara and I feel at peace, but something is always missing. Like an inner understanding. I want to get this understanding. I want to be able to read paath and know what I'm reading about, I want to be able to sit in the gurdwara and feel like I truly know what being a sikh is about. Can you tell me how to get this understanding? It's important to me. Somehow, I feel that if I know what it is to be a sikh, I'll know what it is to be me. Then I can face my problems better than the way I'm facing them now. Someone please guide me!



To be a Sikh is a very simple and beautiful thing. It means that we belong to our Guru. All through the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, Nanak says "Let me see Thy face" and "Grant me Thy protection". Go to the Gurdwara. When you bow, open your heart completely and lay your longing for inner understanding at the Guru's feet and give it to the Guru so that the Guru may respond and grant you that understanding. It is that simple. Do it honestly and completely and the longing of your heart will be fulfilled.

Keep up. You are great and you are very blessed.

All love in Divine


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I Want To Learn (03/03/2001)
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