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Summary of Question:Done With Sex
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Thursday, 6/11/2009 12:09 AM MDT

i have already make love with someone i truly love..but the problem is that he is 17 years elder to his age is to get married while im still a student studying in college. did i do a mistake here by making love with him eventhough we know that its impossible for us to be together? he said that making love is just about showing your partner how much you love him/ that true? did i do the biggest mistake in my life by giving my 100% to him and not my future husband?

is making love to someone you truly a sin??
eventhough i know that its a mistake or u can call it a not feeling guilty..why is that so?

thanx in advance:)
this site is awakening the youths!!

Dear Jessi,

There is nothing in this world that is truly a sin. Everything we do that we regret later are called mistakes. As long as you realize what you did and what the consequences are all you have to do is move on forward and not to repeat it again.

Someone who is 17 years older than you should have known a lot better what he was doing. In this situation it sounds to me that he is not actually a very caring person to say to you what he did just to get what he wants from you. In this case I would put a harder responsibility on him for taking advantage of you.

What you have to know as a woman is that when you have sexual intercourse with a man all of his energy good or bad imprints on your aura, arc line, psyche and you settle body. Besides dealing with all he emotional consequences of this act you are now carrying this man for indefinite amount of time and it is very hard now to get rid of it. There are ways of cleansing yourself of his energy and I will tell you later on how.

A woman is 16 times greater and stronger than a man energetically and in every way other than physical. God created her that way to make sure that she could produce a baby. Even if he is a lot less experienced and does not have the know how of a relationship she is a lot smarter and more intuitive than a man. Energetically you are a lot more powerful which is what a man wants for a relationship. He is not as strong in that way and is he is looking for an energetic connection to literally hang his stuff on a woman. It may not be a conscious act on his part but he does it so she could carry all of it and work it out for him.

When a man does not offer a woman full commitment of a marriage and a lot of care to boot this is not an equal exchange. You get hurt more than he ever will from it. In fact he benefits a great deal from this connection while your energy is being depleted working out his problems he is getting a free ride.
This does not sound fare but it is quite a clever way that a nature has created of imprinting the essence of a father on a baby through a woman’s aura.

See all religions say the same thing: don’t ever have sex before you marry, but none of them ever explains why. Sikhism has the best explanation for it.
When a woman is pregnant and has a baby that baby shares an auric field with its mother for up to three years or his or her life. By that time the baby develops his or her own auric field and separate energetically from his or her mother. He or she becomes strong enough now to handle the world a little bit more on their own.

So here is the interesting part. If you got pregnant and the father of the baby had died for some reason the baby will still get the full imprint of the father for their entire life. This means they will carry their father’s in them as well as the karma of the whole lineage or his family good or bad. This is how children pay for the mistakes of their fathers regardless of the fact if they met their father or not.

Now, if the father is a spiritual man and works on his karma and deals with his problems and cleans himself through Sadhana and other spiritual practices this is one of the things the baby may inherit as well. And if the father or his family are not as honest or honorable people the baby may inherit some of that too. As I said earlier… good and bad. This is why it is so important to chose a very good father for your children.

Going back to your situation. If a woman has more than one sexual partner she runs a very serious risk of imprinting a lot of garbage from every man she is with to the extent that her aura and arc line will become very dirty and her true radiance will not show through at all. Her babies will get that imprint as well.

Since emotional and spiritual depth of a woman is a lot greater than one of any man that nasty stuff can go very deep into her heart and psyche. She can develop all sorts of emotional problems and deep mistrust for life, humanity, and most of all men … even her husband. She starts looking older and more tired before her age.
If she gets herself in that much trouble it may take a long time to heal. And if she does not do something very consciously to cleanse herself of all this stuff she may wind up in this bad situation for the rest of her life.

So this is why you will always hear older people telling you to stay a virgin before you marry. They just care about you and don’t want you to be hurt like that and hurt your future children. They may not know the technical explanation I have given you but they see what kind of trouble and pain women get themselves in and they never wish that for you.

Luckily there is a meditation you can do every day to break through all of those unwanted patterns and imprints in your life. It is a very simple meditation but extremely effective and if you commit to it for 40 to 90 days you can accomplish anything you want.

Here it is:
Make sure that your head is covered. Set your timer on 3, 11, 25 or 30 minutes. The longer the mediation the better the results. If you find that you can not do 30 minutes right away try starting at shorter times and building your meditation just a little longer every week.

You may want to tune in into the right vibratory frequency before the meditation by chanting : Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo three times with hands in the prayer pose.

It would be ideal if you would close your eyes and rolled them up to the brow point or your third eye which is located just a little above the middle of your eye brows.

Then sit in the cross legged position with your hands on your knees with palms facing up. You are going to be pressing your thumb to the rest of your four fingers pronouncing a mantra SA TA NA MA. When you press your thumb to your index finger say SA, middle finger say MA, ring finger say NA, and pinky say MA. Apply about 5 pounds of pressure. And keep going the whole time.

The best length of time for this meditation is 30 minutes for 90 days. It should erase all the unpleasant residue from your old partner.

For the first 5 minutes you chant the mantra out loud, the next 5 minutes you strongly whisper it the next 10 minutes you do it mentally, not chanting anything out loud, then comeback to whispering for 5 minutes again and 5 more minutes chanting out loud.

Finish your meditation by tightening your whole body really hard three times for about 5-10 seconds to spread all the good energy you have just created to benefit all the fibers of your being. Then put your hands in prayer pose and chant a very long Sat Nam.

And you are done.
There are CDs with that mantra that you can purchase on or google Ancient Healing Ways to see if they may have it as well. It can be very helpful for your concentration to have the music going while you are meditating and it will keep you hold the rhythm the whole time.

Ask yourself how important your well being and purity of your radiance is to you then give yourself the gift of this meditation.

On the very last note I want to tell you, that if a man tells you that you don’t show your full love to him because you would not sleep with him say something back to him that will make a lot of sence: “ If a man truly cares for me, he will wait until I am ready to give myself. He will provide his commitment, his caring, respect and everything else he possibly can to make my life comfortable and protected. He will ensure that our sexual act is sacred. He will not be selfish enough to demand of me more than he would give in return. He will want to see me blossom into a beautiful being that I am without ever disrespecting my femininity.”

Have a wonderful day.
And good luck in the future.


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