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Summary of Question:Why No Palki Sahib In Darbar Sahib?
Date Posted:Saturday, 4/21/2001 2:52 AM MDT

sat siri akal

my question is that why there is no palki sahib in darbar sahib(golden temple)?all the other guruduwaras have palki sahib in which siri guru granth sahib is kept
why are there two nishan sahibs in darbar sahib?
how do we hold the mala when we r doing naam simran or doing chaliyas?


The entire Darbar Sahib is in the form of Palki Sahib that is why Manji Sahib only is used at all locations where Guru Sahib is installed. Even the small Gurdwara on the roof of Darbar Sahib is in the form of Palki Sahib.

The two Nishan Sahibs represent Miri and Piri. Guru Ji rules over the realms of both heaven and earth.

The mala is a tool to aid our japa. Running the beads over the finger stimulates the nerve in that finger which is connected to the corresponding area of the brain in the opposite hemisphere (left). This evokes a response from the brain that helps us to relax, focus and enter the rhythmical naad of our japa.


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